Artist Work Sample

Purgatory in Ingolstadt    directed by Marina McClure

In this excerpt from my staging of Marieluise Fleisser’s 1926 play, please focus on: 
-The overlapping textures (use of color, shapes, underscoring music, physical and gestural vocabulary, stage composition) that combine to create a consistent aesthetic. 
-Use of physical gesture to support the extremity of emotion (a sequence of advances and
rejections is theatrically physicalized (0:40-2:00) and compositionally supported by duets DSL
and USR and solos inside the room).
-My ability to harness the visual, aural, and emotional power of a large cast.
I will use similar techniques to build an immersive and dynamic world for ZZ's Sleepaway Camp.

“One of the most astonishing productions I have ever seen. The experience is terribly moving...Marina McClure[‘s] imagination is just breathtaking.”
Susan Solt, former Dean of the School of Theatre, CalArts

“A masterful achievement... Marina McClure has developed a singular vision for the stage”
Travis Preston, Dean of the School of Theatre, CalArts